Get Rid of the Gunk: How to Properly Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal drain

One of the worst things to find when walking into your kitchen is a rancid odor. Many times those unpleasant odors are coming from one of the most convenient tools in your home — your garbage disposal. Even though the design of these fixtures is to pulverize and remove kitchen waste, food particles can become trapped underneath the blades, on the sides of the machine and in the drainpipe. People often spend hours and money trying to get rid of the stench… yet they are often unsuccessful. Here’s three tips to get rid of the smelly gunk in your disposal using everyday household items.

  1. Cleaning Visible Areas
    Of course, using dishwashing soap and some kind of scrubber to clean the visible part of the disposal helps. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t enough. Getting to the source of the smell usually requires going a bit deeper.
  2. Dislodging the Gunk
    Fill a large cup or medium size bowl with ice cubes. Then, switch the disposal on while pouring the cubes into it. You can also try pouring the cubes into the disposal and adding a half-cup of salt as you turn on the disposal. This should grind away the slimy odor-causing residue.
  3. Citrus Fruits
    Fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges will help your drain stay clean and act as a deodorizer. You can throw a few peels — or even the entire fruit — into the grinder and fill your kitchen with a fresh citrus scent. Not only will this help your kitchen smell better, but the rough peels can also help clean the blades and disposal wall.

If the smell persists, and the blades still aren’t cutting well, it’s probably time to call the professionals. Victory Plumbing would be glad to help you get your kitchen running smoothly and smelling fresh again. Call (501) 313-9920 for an inspection and estimate.