Happy Customer Leaves Outstanding Review on Victory Plumbing Facebook Page

We Take Pride in Providing Excellent Customer Service

At Victory Plumbing, our entire team does his or her best to offer world class service to every customer we encounter — from the original message or call to the moment we leave their driveway or parking lot. Our job isn’t completed until your plumbing problem is resolved, and you’re happy with the results. But, sometimes that’s not always an easy feat! We recognize that needing a plumber isn’t exactly the highlight of your day. Many people even have a ‘bad taste in their mouth’ just by saying the word plumber.

Usually, it’s because of one of two reasons… 

  1. They’ve either had a bad experience in the past.
  2. They fear the $$$ quoted by a greedy plumber trying to charge prices as high or higher than a used car.

NOT IF YOU CALL VICTORY! You won’t have to worry about any of that.

We guarantee our work — and our job is never done until YOU are SATISFIED!

We believe we offer the best customer service in all of Arkansas. We take pride in treating our customers the utmost respect and  provide customer service, which is why we wanted to share this review that Ms. Penny Gail shared on Facebook.

After choosing to give us a 5-star recommendation, she had five positive things characteristics to share about Victory Plumbing:

  • Good Quality? √
  • Good Value? √
  • Professional? √
  • Responsive? √
  • On time? √

(Thanks, Ms. Penny!!!)

Faucet Installation

She also left a written recommendation… and, WOW! We are extremely humbled by her words.

Here’s what Ms. Penny had to say…

“I would like to recognize the character and performance of Travis Victory of Victory Plumbing. I had the opportunity to hire Mr. Victory last week for a project involving a new faucet and soap dispenser in my kitchen. When I reached out on the company’s Facebook page, Mr. Victory immediately established good communication and continued to keep me informed on the progress of the project.

From the start, Mr. Victory not only showed a professional interest but he also demonstrated that he cared about me as a customer and my plumbing needs from a personal standpoint, as well, throughout the entire duration of this project from beginning to end.

I highly recommend Mr. Victory. I have been very pleased by the quality of his work. One thing that really won me over was his outstanding pleasant demeanor. Mr. Victory came into my home and was a complete gentleman. He even went above and beyond his duty to make sure the job got done and that it got done right. 

Tight Fit Under Sink

If someone reading this has any questions, I’d be more than happy to help answer whichever questions I can.

Before I begin a project, I pray about it for three days. I make sure to get at least six bids on a project… then wait another three days before actually choosing a contractor. I do not allow just anyone in my home because of personal reasons.

When I called Victory Plumbing, I spoke with a young lady by the name of Mattie. She sincerely listened to my personal reasoning and concerns about the people allowed into my home, and she quickly assured me that my requests would be made known and taken seriously. She and Mr. Victory both helped me feel comfortable and safe about inviting Victory Plumbing into my home, which as a single lady is extremely important to me.

If you are looking for a plumbing company who excels at what they do, and an owner who abides by his word — then I take great joy in recommending Travis Victory of Victory Plumbing.

Thank you again, Mr. Victory, for all you did for me. I will never forget your kindness.

Penny Gail”

Kitchen Remodel