Sherrie R.

I can’t say enough good things about Travis Victory and his team at Victory Plumbing. They
came to my rescue by replacing my decades old pressure reducing valve to restore my home’s
water pressure. They found the leak in my main water line and efficiently rerouted it in a way
that did NOT involve having to tear into my home’s floor given it’s on a slab. They were also
able to replace some faulty parts in my water heater so I wouldn’t have to replace it.
While they were there I had them replace my old loud garbage disposal which they were glad to
do even though it wasn’t scheduled. We now have good water pressure for running the washing
machine, dish washer, showing and watering the yard which we could never do before. And I
was able to get my water bill lowered to a normal and reasonable amount!
If you want affordable plumbing done right by someone highly skilled and knowledgeable with
years of experience, you will definitely want to call Travis Victory. Thank you so much Travis
and team!