Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair for North Little Rock and Nearby Areas

Water Heater Repair at an Affordable Price

Victory Plumbing can repair and replace most hot water heater models. The average life of a water heater is 6-10 years, so don’t wait for an emergency to happen; replace it now.

You can trust the experts at Victory Plumbing to perform the correct water heater service at an affordable price. Our team of licensed plumbers has the skills, knowledge, experience and tools to fix your water heater problems, and have been background checked, trained, certified and insured.

Before our plumber arrives at your location, we will notify you ahead of time. Our plumbers are trained to work with you to explain all of your repair options before starting the repairs so you can make well-informed decisions before any work begins.

For hot water heater repair services in the North Little Rock, AR and nearby areas, call Victory Plumbing at (501) 313-9920, including after hours and for emergency services. We service and repair most brands and models of water heaters.

At Victory Plumbing, we defeat your plumbing problem while providing you with world-class service.


Victory Plumbing Can Take Care of Your Water Heater Repair Needs

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Victory Plumbing provides world-class plumbing services in North Little Rock, Arkansas and nearby areas.

Call us for all your water heater repair needs.

Our phone number is (501) 313-9920.

Water Heater Repair Services for Customers Experiencing the following:

  • No hot water
  • Leaking hot water heater
  • Own an old and outdated water heater
  • Pilot light will not remain lit
  • Cannot light the pilot light
  • Insufficient hot water
  • Problem with gas hot water tank heater
  • Issue with electric hot water heater
  • Trouble with Tankless on-demand hot water heater

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

For residents of North Little Rock, Arkansas and nearby areas, the water heater in a home serves an important function as being one of the home’s most important appliances for being comfortable. Having reliable hot water to meet daily needs whenever you want is something most people take for granted. That is why it can be so disruptive when your hot water heater begins to falter or breaks down entirely. To avoid that, here are a few signs that your water may be in need of repair or need to be replaced.

No Hot Water

Usually a first sign of having water heater problems is when you notice you either don’t have any hot water, or you only have warm water and it never heats up. When this happens, it’s time to investigate the status of your water heater to see where the problem lies. A good way to begin solving your water heater problem is by calling the professionals at Victory Plumbing for them to come out and assess your particular situation. They will provide you with expert advise as to what your problem is and how to go about resolving it.

Water Leaks

Water heaters are like any appliance in that they don’t last forever. Water heaters can start to leak anytime, but especially when they are older due to a loose valve or fitting. If you notice water leaks coming from or around your water heater, contact a licensed, professional plumber to schedule a repair as soon as you can.

Appliances Not Working

When you’re having water heater issues, you may begin to notice other appliances in your home that require hot water, like your dishwasher or washing machine, are no longer working properly. This is often an over looked sign that a water heater is in need of repair. In fact, be sure to check all your appliances that involve hot water because when you do, you’ll most likely find your water heater is at the root of the problem.

Discolored Water

Water that flows through your home’s plumbing pipes should not be cloudy, brown, or tinted in some other way. If it is, that could be a sign that there is an issue with your water heater that needs to be addressed by a certified and reliable plumber. Water from your home’s faucets or showerheads should always be clean and clear in appearance.

Intermittent On & Off Unit Cycling

If you notice signs of inconsistent water temperatures, it could be your water heater is cycling on and off when it shouldn’t. This can be very frustrating for homeowners since it causes hot water shortages usually at the time you need it most. On and off unit cycling is an important sign that your water heater is beginning to fail. Be sure to call an experienced plumbing company like Victory Plumbing to assess this issue.

Regardless of your home’s particular plumbing issue, Victory Plumbing’s expert technicians can determine your specific needs before any work is done. This allows you to make the best decision possible for you and your family.

Experienced and Reliable Plumber Serving North Little Rock, Arkansas, and Nearby Areas

Victory Plumbing offers a range of installation, maintenance, and repair services that your home’s plumbing may require, no matter the problem or time of year. You can count on our trusted professionals for their world-class service, friendliness and quality craftsmanship. Victory Plumbing does residential plumbing throughout the greater North Little Rock, Arkansas and nearby areas.

Home Water Heater Repair Offers for North Little Rock, Arkansas, Residents

What Are Common Problems with Water Heaters?

Common problems with water heaters are leaks, aged parts, faulty components, corrosion and discolored water. If you experience any of these problems with your home’s water heater, call Victory Plumbing today to schedule a repair.

Can a Water Heater Be Repaired?

Yes, a water heater can be repaired. But sometimes it can be a better decision to replace a water heater. Victory Plumbing has the water heater repair experts in North Little Rock, Arkansas to advise you on those options. Call us today at (501) 313-9920 if you need to schedule a water heater repair for your home.

Is Water Heater Repair Worth It?

In general, repairing a water heater is worth it as long as the repair isn’t too expensive. However, old age or frequent repairs are indicators you may need to replace your water heater. Call a licensed and experienced plumber to help you assess your water heater situation so you can make the right decision.