Tankless Water Heaters Save Time & Money

Tankless Water HeaterLet’s cut straight to the chase… The two most important things to any customer are time and money!

Water heaters have been around for more than 150 years. Luckily, engineering has come a long way since the creation of these appliances. The best invention to date — the tankless water heater!

Why choose tankless over the traditional storage tank water heater:

  1. Get a $500 rebate when you install a new tankless water heater Whenever you purchase and install a new tankless water heater in your home or business, centerpoint energy will actually pay you $500 for making the switch.
  2. Save hundreds of dollars every year on utility bills An average household could save anywhere from $10 – $100 each month after switching these appliances.
  3. Endless hot water You’ll still be able to take a hot shower after 3 kids have taken showers before school. And, you’ll never have to stagger doing laundry, dishes or baths again. You’ll have continuous hot water regardless of the circumstances.

Ready to install a tankless water heater? Call Victory Plumbing today for an estimate. We’re always happy to help you save time and money.